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Viewi X-Way Satellite Splitter For Freesat, Freeview, Cable, Modem, Virgin Dbox & SKY

2,4,6 & 8 Way Digital TV 5-2500MHz Aerial Sat Freeview F Plug Coax Signal Cable Splitter

This Splitter Box is a simple way to convert one signal from a box such as a sky, Virgin, Cable, and any other Coaxial Cable into 4 signals

This Splitter distributes a single cable, satellite or antenna signal to up to two, four, six & eight coax devices so you can hook them together as well as into a cable source so you can enjoy your favorite shows.

Durable and simple, this product is effective and can withstand heavy use. This cost-effective and versatile antenna signal splitter can also be used with TVs, satellite and cable boxes, DVRs and more. It is brought to you by a company that provides high-quality entry-level electronics with a broad portfolio from Satellite Dish and accessories to small electronics and more.

This digital coax splitter is a small, inconspicuous piece of electronic equipment that can hide easily behind devices, tables and other pieces to stay out of sight. Enjoy your favorite entertainment when you add this to your electronics collection.


  • Frequency Range:5MHz –2400MHz
  • Insertion Loss: 5(dB)
  • Isolation: 25(dB)
  • Return Loss: 10(dB)
  • Normal Working Voltage: 12-20(V)
  • DC Power Consumption: 30(mA)
  • DC Max Power Passing: 500(mA)
  • Impedance (all ports):75(Ω)

    This device is very handy if you only have one cable running to a particular location and it is too difficult to run another cable.

    Please Note for optimum signal, this device needs to be used through good quality coaxial cable.

    Box Contain:
    1 x Boxed Cable Splitter