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Viewi Sky Quad LNB 4 Way for MK4 Dishes - Have Upto 4 Sky or Freesat Receivers Connected, Multi Room, PVR Upgrade


Quad LNB

4 Port Quad LNB 40mm - For MK4 Satellite Dish


Our MK4 Quad LNB can be used with MK4 satellite dishes (search through our shop). This Quad LNB can be used to replace an existing LNB that is either faulty or doesn't have enough 'F Connector' ports (for example if you wish to add another receiver box to your house). This Quad LNB will allow up to 2 satellite receivers with dual tuners (recording capability such as Sky HD) to be attached or 4 single tuner satellite receivers.

Normally a twin coaxial WF65 satellite cable run is required from the Quad LNB to any room where you would like a twin tuner satellite receiver (Sky HD). Only a single coaxial cable run is required for satellite receivers with a single tuner.

Technical Information

✓Connection - Up to 4 Single Tuner Satellite Boxes

✓ (Standard Freesat) or 2 Twin Tuner Satellite Boxes (Sky HD)

✓Bracket - Supplied with an adapter bracket to fit MK4 Dish (built in spirit level)

✓Input: 10.70 ~ 12.75 GHz

✓Weatherproof - Sliding cover to protect 'F Connector' ports once the cables are connected

✓Suitable for Sky HD and Freesat HD transmissions

ADVANTAGES of Sky MK3 to MK4 LNB Adaptor

✓Excellent solution that allows MK3 Sky LNBs to be used with MK4 Dishes

✓Adaptors are cheap to buy, easy to carry and easy to fit

✓Gives great flexibility to an installer


✓MK3 to MK4 LNB Adaptor For Sky Type Satellite Dishes

✓Colour: Black

✓Arm Length: 95mm

✓Internal Diameter: 40mm