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SSL Satellites Freesat HDR Satellite Dish DIY Self Installation Kit,Latest Dish with Quad LNB,Twin coax Cable all necessary Brackets,Bolts and SATELLITE FINDER (White, Black Kit)


Ideal for sky+HD or Freesat self installation. HD Ready New Mk4 Minidish for sky or Freesat (dish size is 59cm wide x 43cm height) Latest new compact quad LNB for 4 simultaneous channels of satellite reception. Weather covering integrated into the LNB - pulls down over the cable ends increasing reliability .Wall bolts and all brackets for wall mounting included with instructions, easy self-install Matched components for guaranteed performance Ideal for sky+HD or Freesat and all recording/PVR receivers This kit includes everything listed above In bullets points The new dish is slightly larger for better reception and general performance. It also has pre-built brackets, so you don't need to bolt them together - they just fold out and snap into place. The LNB is fitted with the new bracket for this dish which holds it securely with no "wobble". The kit components are matched for guaranteed performance. The dish is a Zone 1 dish, not guaranteed to work in Scotland , Highlands or Ireland, although the new larger size makes it better than the previous minidish, so it should be fine for most UK locations.