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Viewi F Connector Barrel/Joiner - Coupler Joiner Barrel Connector Adapter

Extending a coaxial satellite cable is an effective way to conform a cable to your desired length. The ‘F’ plug coupler (female to female) is designed for use in extending your coax cabling. Simply connect the cable with an F-plug cable joiner then screw into the coupler to increase the length. Ideal if you already have cable in place and simply want to extend it

The coupler screws on to the male F plug and converts the plug to a female F socket. F to F cable joiner is most commonly used in moving satellite receivers such as a sky receivers or Virgin Media cable boxes from one location to another.


✓ Perfect for all Satellite and Aerial Installations
✓ enables you to connect 2 or more coax cables together
✓ Easy to install and disassemble
✓ Suitable for all Coax sizes
✓ Ideal for Cable extension
✓ Type: Screw On

Replace Broken Plugs

Easily connect cables or replace broken plugs with these Coaxial Cable F cable barrels Suitable for all Cables. Also, useful when you need to link up to a wall plate or change your existing f-plug into an f- plug.