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Viewi Compatible Sky or Freesat Satellite Tripod and Dish Set for Caravan,Camping and Motorhome Complete with Tripod, MK4 80cm Sky Dish,Quad LNB, Twin Coax Cable, Clamp, Satellite Meter/Finder


For Years one of the biggest downsides associated with travelling, camping or just being on the road a lot was not having access to your favorite satellite TV channels. It doesn’t matter if you are getting away for a weekend, or short break, it can still be a perfect time to unwind and watch a favorite sporting event or a TV show. Our Satellite Dish kit is a great option for that because satellite signal is beamed from the space, they are available anywhere in UK with a clear picture and sound quality.



A top-quality dish used for Sky and Freesat applications for all of the UK, suitable for most foreign satellites such as Hotbird, Astra & Polesat signal reception. Made with approved and certified materials to provide the strongest signal strength.

Portable Tripod:

Satellite tripod has a wide footprint to ensure stability and is ideal for Garden, Camping or caravan holidays homes. The dish is simply mounted to a rotating head with the special knob the head can be fixed when the dishes are aligned to the correct satellite.

✓Max. height pole approx. 90 cm.
✓Max. width standing ground approx. 55 cm.
✓ 3 adjustable heights Due to its extremely low standing position and center of gravity, it will not be blown away like others.

Benefits and Usage of the Satellite
✓Ideal for Sky or Freesat Receiver
✓Polesat Reception

➣Satellite Finder & Quad LNB

Quad LNB:
This device is mounted on the front of the satellite dish that receives a low-level microwave signal from the satellite, amplifies it changes the signal to a lower frequency band and sends them through a cable to the receiver.

Satellite Finder:
The satellite finder is designed to detect the position of the broadcast satellite when setting up a dish. This avoids the need to find the right location