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Viewi 3C-2V Cable TV Aerial Lead Coaxial Cable Coax RF 75 OHM 3C-2V - (White, Black)

TV VCR Video Aerial Coaxial Fly Lead / Cable Male to Male Black + Female Coupler

A High-Quality Gold Plated Male to Male Aerial Cable used for connecting a TV, VCR or similar device to an aerial outlet. They are White & Black in color with molded connectors and use the double screened cable to minimize external interference and come with a Free Coupler. The Connector is ROHS Compliant for the Highest Standards in Europe.

Oxygen-free copper (OFC) wiring allows the maximum signal power to be transmitted efficiently across the length of the cable. Increased efficiency puts less strain on the cable, and extends the lifetime of the cable, so you can enjoy your crystal clear audio-video connection for years to come.


Easy Cable Management

Both flexible and sturdy, this cable makes it easy to route in the most complex or tight setups.

Easy to Install

Precision connectors and easy-grip caps make it a breeze to push in and out your cable, even if your fingers aren’t a nimble as they used to be.

Optimal Conductivity and Signal strength

Constructed with oxygen-free copper, you get maximum signal power whilst reducing stress to extend the lifetime of your Coaxial Cable.

Durable Construction

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