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Viewi sat-finder / satellite finder with level display | pointer display/measuring device with signal sound | HD-capable measuring device for optimal positioning/adjustment of satellite antennas

This device lets you search for many different satellite signals. Troubleshoot, align, and set up satellite dish networks with little or no inconveniences. Viewi Sat Finders help you find a strong satellite signal for your receivers and eliminates the inconveniences of making multiple trips to the roof or needing a friend’s help to check the signal strength at your TV set.

Perfect Solution

Digital signal finder is perfect for DIY installations. Camping, caravanning or bad whether break up. This will save you hundreds of pounds on professional installations.

We recommend using this product in conjunction with satellite finder Smartphone apps. This helps shows you the general direction of your chosen satellite so you’re not starting blind. Another top tip if looking for the sky of the Freesat signal is to remember they come from the exact same satellite in space. If you look at the majority of the dishes in your Street they will be pointing there, move your dish to the same aliment then fine tune in for signal quality.

Adjustable Dish Positing

SSL Satellite Finder displays signal strength according to the dish position with an easy-to-read analog needle which lets you do adjustments when necessary. Optical display with backlight and audible acoustic measurement allowing a fast and optimum alignment of the antenna.


Easily locate satellite signal
Digital satellite finder with audio tone and instructions

Easy and Simple to use
Coax lead supplied
DC pass to LNB internal lighting
signal strength meter built-in buzzer
Input frequency: 950-2150MHz
Input level maximum: -10dB
Input level minimum: -40dBm