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Viewi Loft & Outdoor Digital TV Aerial, SSL 4G Filtered 70 Element Aerial for Digital TV With Full Kit High Performance

70 Element 4K HD Freeview TV Aerial Kit With Built-In 4G LTE Filter For Outdoor or Indoor Installation. Everyone wants their home entertainment system to function without a hitch so, it’s important to choose a decent aerial to get the most out of your TV. Our TV aerial can really enhance your viewing experience with clear pictures and sound quality that receives all available TV signals.

Complete TV Aerial Kit

The pole 46cm Aerial Pole with Wall Mounting Bracket This aerial installation kit comes complete with a wall bracket and pole and is perfect for mounting your TV or DAB Aerial inside or outside your property as it can be a wall, fascia or loft mounted. 46cm’ Mast 1” Diameter Standoff from Wall or Fascia 4″ x 1.75″ (10cm x 4.5cm) Mounting Plate The Cable 10m of quality RG6 cable is included together with an F connector for the aerial end (dipole) and a coaxial male connector for the TV end, these connectors are not fitted but should you require assistance there are many videos on the internet showing you how to do this.

Specifications ,br>
Easy Setup
✔Built-in LTE/4G filter
✔Frequency range: UHF470-790MHz
✔Impedance: 75Ω
✔Ideal for strong reception UHF signals


Durability of Aerial Outdoor Digital HD TV aerial outdoor is designed to withstand the heaviest weather conditions, this aerial is weatherproof up to IP55 level. The 4k outdoor TV aerial has a professional structured design and the material makes the antenna solid and easier to install.

Box contents

✔70 Element TV aerial x 1
✔ Dipole x 1
✔Adjustable antenna pole ×1, the length is 46cm.
✔10M RG6 Black Coax cable ×1
✔Cable clips ×10
✔F Connector ×1
✔ICE TV Aerial Plug Male connector ×1
✔Aerial pole Clamp x 1
✔Rubber waterproof Boot x 1
✔Mounting screws Instructions