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Viewi Zone 2 Satellite Dish & Compatible SKY Q WIDEBAND LNB for Sky Q 1TB, Sky Q 2TB

Satellite Dish Zone 2 With Compatible sky Q – Wideband LNB – 2 Output( 80cm wide x 60cm )

The Zone 2 dish is slightly larger for better reception and general performance and will pick up ASTRA 28 -sky Q, sky Q 1Tb, sky Q 2Tb .

Technical Information
The LNB is fitted with the new bracket for this dish which holds it securely with no "wobble". The kit components are matched for guaranteed performance. Supplied with a skyTM compatible bracket. Having built-in spirit level. All you need to add is the cable and connectors.

Addition Info

We also include setup diagrams. It is ideal for upgrading to sky Q, sky Q 1Tb, sky Q 2Tb , sky HD where you want to provide extra capacity to watch up to four channels at a time on dual-tuner boxes (sky + HD) or just to add additional receivers.

  • Input Frequency: 10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz
  • Output frequency: Vertical: 290 ~ 2340 MHz , Horizontal: 290 ~ 2340 MHz
  • Image Rejection: 40 dB (min)

    USES of 59cm wide x 43cm height Satellite Dish

    Ideal for sky Q , 1Tb, 2Tb
    sky HD

    Advantages of an 80cm wide x 60cm height Satellite Dish
    Anti-corrosion coating dish make it ideal for use in seaside areas where corrosion caused by salt air is a problem
    Small compact Satellite Dish
    Low-cost Satellite Dish
    Easy DIY setup
    No engineer Setup fees

    Box Contains:
  • Satellite dish Antenna 59CM X 43CM
  • Compatible sky Q Wideband Twin LNB
  • Fixing Pack and bolts
  • Wall bracket pack
  • Setup diagrams