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Viewi Twin/Shotgun/Double Coaxial Cable Clips -WF65/CT63 Dual Outdoor for Sky/Freesat Sat/Satellite Wire Clip - Thin-Lead-Plus + HD - (White, Black)

We've all dealt with wire jungles in our rooms and halls. They just crop up, a natural tangle of cords formed by the devices we connect to each other. It's just a reality of modern technology. However, they can be more than simply inconvenient, large cable tangles can be harmful to certain electronics' performance, and in extreme cases can be outright dangerous. The Flat cable clips are the best solution for cable management to make your life easy.

Cable Clips Benefits and Features

⪼ Nail attached in clips
⪼ Put the cable under the clip and hammer the nail into the wall to secure the cable.
⪼ We can install the E Flat Cable Clips to the wall or the floorboard for a clean look.
⪼ Ideal cable-clip for securing wire mess on walls, door frames and skirting boards.

Cable Management:

SSL Cable clips are extensively used for owing to features like durability, high strength, and smooth finish. Excellent Value, Twin shotgun cable clip to keep your cables neat and tidy. Fitted with masonry nails so are suitable for securing to brickwork and woodwork. These E cable clips is also suitable for the twin satellite cable used in sky Plus and sky HD installations and also this is used normally for CT63/65 or WF65 type cable.

Wire Clips Specifications:

⪼Plastic Moulded Material
⪼Internal Size 10mm
⪼Anti-Rust Steel Nail Clip
⪼ Suitable for Twin and Earth Cables.
⪼ 25mm long nail

Flat Cable Clips Diameter:

Coaxial cable clips Size - Suitable for cable that has a maximum external diameter of 10mm or x2 standard shotgun cables this means that each core should have a diameter of 4.8mm and the total width of your cable should not exceed 10mm.