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Viewi 50M,60M,80M,100M, RG59 BNC Video Power Cable For CCTV Camera DVR Security System White

The video cable is terminated with male BNC connectors on both ends. These pre-made cables will simplify your surveillance system installation by eliminating the need to cut cables and crimp the ends on yourself. Because the power portion of the cable is male on one end and female on the other, there is no additional connector needed to connect the power portion of two cables together. If you need to extend the distance of your cable, you can connect two or more pre-made cables together by using a BNC double female connector.

This cables Easily connect with your following devices Surveillance Camera

Security Monitor

CCTV Cables are perfect for use with security cameras. The cable carries both video and power signals, making camera cabling and installation as simple as possible. These cables use BNC connectors for video and DC terminal connectors for power.

Available in Black and White colors and length with premade cables, they are already cut to specific lengths such as 50M, 60M, 80M, 100M

Use with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) applications and security camera components.
This pre-terminated CCTV cable is perfect for transmitting video and power. Simplify the installation of surveillance systems by using one cable to carry video and power.
Don't Waste Time Soldering or Crimping Together Your Own Cables. Most cameras we carry only have a few feet of cable coming off the camera For camera with DC power only.

Connector Type:
✓BNC male to male
✓DC Female to Male

PLEASE NOTE that we Do Not recommend linking several cables together to create cable long runs longer than 250 feet. SSL BNC cable. Simplifies camera installation by combining video and power. It allows easy camera connection to any DVR, monitor or TV.